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Bible Studies In The New Year

Easter 2018 Bible Study

Please download our Easter bible study called "Joyful Life".


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Main Study

Loving Like Jesus In a World that Hurts and Hates by Pam Gillaspie

Loving like Jesus loves is a tall order even when people love us in return! But how on earth do we love like Jesus in a world that hates? The Apostle Paul lays out real-life solutions in 1 Corinthians 13, painting a vivid picture of what love is and isn't, what love does and doesn't. Discover God's truth for yourself through this practical inductive Bible study of 1 Corinthians 13! Loving Like Jesus is the main study for our Bible Study season and includes all Refresh & Connect events! This timely study is sure to impact not only our own lives but the way we, as representatives of Christ, interact with others in our community and world!

Thursday Morning 9:30 am

Thursday Evening 6:30 pm

$20.00 for Bible Study Materials for the full year
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Light Study

Designed for ladies in a season of life which might otherwise interfere with traditional Bible Study participation, this is a special no-homework Bible study just for you. If you don't have time to complete traditional Bible study, we still want you to have the opportunity to grow in the Word, grow in the Lord and grow in relationships with the women at CCGV!  This study includes all Refresh & Connect events!

What Does God Really Want from You? It's easy to get confused about how to please God. One Bible teacher details a long list of the commands you should be keeping. The next teacher says only grace matters. Who is right? Centuries ago, in answer to this question, Jesus simplified all the rules and regulations of the Law into just two great commands: love God and love people.  Loving God and Others looks at how these two commands define the heart of Christian faith. As you rest in the certain knowledge of what God calls you to, you will be challenged to live these commands out-and discover how obeying Jesus' simple commands will transform not only your life but also the lives of those around you.

Thursday Morning 9:30 am

Thursday Evening 6:30 pm

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Precept In-Depth Bible Study

Philippians- How to Have Joy (NASB)

 If you have ever desired to really dig into the word of God, then this study is for you! Inductive Bible Study is a method that brings you directly to the Word of God apart from another’s understanding or interpretation of the text.  Join us on Monday evenings for a special in-depth Bible Study. Materials will be supplied at introduction.Come and be blessed!

How do I live the Christian life joyfully regardless of people or circumstances? What is the purpose of suffering and the Christian perspective on death? Do I have "the mind of Christ"? Discover true, deep-down joy in your life that the world cannot take away!

Monday Evening at 6:00pm

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Busy Mom's Study

Mom's often describe feeling isolated or that there is simply not enough time to complete a Bible Study.  We want you to know you are not alone!  This year we have set aside a group just for you busy Moms!  Using the same materials from our LIGHT STUDY,(described in detail above), this exciting group will meet on Thursday evenings during normal Bible Study to share, fellowship and study together with others in your same season of life.  Infants are welcome to stay with you (at your discretion) and childcare is provided for nursery age +.  Here is the opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and develop friendships with other mothers. This study includes all Refresh & Connect events! Come join us!

Thursday Evening 6:30 pm 

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